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Polishing disc 1FS - Amglos Luhmi

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Hard, ventilated disc, made of 16* layers of irregularly arranged cotton.
Designed for mounting on polishers and angle grinders with M14 and M16 threads. **

The disc intended for the first stage of polishing (alsoon on a poorly prepared surface) allows to quickly and effectively remove scratches from sandpaper or grinding wheels (Amglos series) and
prepare the surface for basic polishing.

The impregnated cotton provides an immediate shine and a mirror image that leaves small scratches that must be removed in the next stages.

Technical information:
diameter - 125 mm, 205 mm,
width - 10 mm, 20 mm,
number of layers - 12, 16,
hole diameter - 6 x 9 mm, 16 mm,

*Discs with a diameter of 125 mm consists of 12 layers,
**The blades can be used with a drill using a special shank adapter.



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