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President Harry III ASC CB-Radio AM/FM 12V/24V

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CB-Radio President Harry III ASC 12/24 V
Originally distributed by President Electronics

President Harry III ASC - the radio has many practical and useful new features, such as the VOX function that allows you to speak into the microphone without pressing the PTT button (the radio automatically goes into transmit mode). Thanks to the built-in HICUT and ANL filters, the radio will reduce background noise and some interference caused by AM/FM modulation. The radio also has a built-in 12V / 24V converter.

Drivers who spend a lot of time on the road will be very happy with this product, because it does not need to be manipulated while driving, while maintaining a very high quality when they listen and talk.

The device meets the standards required by law and can be used in all European countries except those where an additional permit is required or where the use of CB radio is prohibited.

Basic functions of the radio:

● 40 channels AM, FM
● Squelch ASC
● Roger Beeper
● Scan and Lock
● VOX Function
● Channel Scanner
● Auto Squelch Automatic

1. ON/OFF VOLUME - turn on the radio and adjust the volume
2. ASC - automatic or manual squelch
3. DISPLAY - display
4. RF GAIN- adjustment of the receiver's sensitivity
5. CHANNEL SELECTOR UP/DOWN - channel selector / button to change the channel in the microphone
6. F ~ TAST BP - selection of keyboard operating range / "BEEP" button
7. VOX ~ VOX SET - the ability to start the radio with your voice without using PTT- button / set the parameters of the VOX function
8. HI-CUT ~ NB - treble reduction / anti-noise filter
9. ROGER ~ SCAN - end of transmission signal / NB- search
10. STORE ~ MEM - priority channel memory / memory
11. AM / FM ~ LOCK - modulation type switch / keyboard lock
12. 6-PIN MICROPHONE PLUG - 6-pin microphone connector
13. PTT - transmit button

● A. Power cord
● B. Antenna outlet
● C. Additional VOX microphone socket
● D. Outlet for an additional speaker

Radio parameters:

● Number of modulation channels - 40 AM
● ASC (Automatic Squelch) Yes
● Output Power - 4 W
● Frequency - 26.960 MHz - 27.405 MHz
● Antenna Impedance - 50 Ohm
●  Power supply - 12/24 V
● Sensitivity at 20 dB Sinad - 0.5 uV - 113 dBm (AM)
● Selectivity - 60 dB
● Weight - 0.7 kg
● Dimensions: Width 125 mm, Height 45 mm, Depth 150 mm



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