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Universal Contact Adhesive, Bonaterm AS - 800ml

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Bonaterm AS is a professional adhesive that is applied with a pneumatic gun. Glue is resistant to high temperature in the car in summer and high humidity.

Bonaterm AS is a polychloroprene glue based on special types of chloroprene rubber modified with special synthetic resins and other additives, thanks to which the glue joint has excellent adhesion and very high thermal resistance.


  • Furniture foam
  • Cattle hides
  • Fabrics (Alcantara, Skai)
  • Fabrics laminated with PUR foam
  • Unlaminated fabrics
  • Three
  • Metals with the above materials


How to use: Mix the glue well before use. The temperature of glue, glued materials and the room must not be lower than 15°C. Apply the adhesive once to both bonded surfaces with a pneumatic gun or trowel. For absorbent materials, such as textiles, leather, apply twice to both glued surfaces, the second time after 20 minutes from the application of the first layer. Then attach the glued elements together and press them firmly and evenly.

Storage and safety conditions: glue should be stored in tightly closed packages, in a well-ventilated room, at a temperature of 5-25°C, away from central heating radiators In storage and production rooms where BONATERM® AS glue is used, appliances and electrical lighting must be explosion-proof, because the solvents in the glue are flammable and form explosive mixtures with air.



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